New ISOC NL Working Group: Coalition Fair Digital Education (CFDE)

In accordance with our mission, the ISOC NL board has unanimously decided to honour the request of the initiators of CFDE (in Dutch: Coalitie voor Eerlijk Digitaal Onderwijs, CEDO) to act as a working group within Internet Society Netherlands:   

“The CFDE/CEDO initiative aims to realise digital learning environments in education, in the Netherlands and at a later stage in Europe, in which public values ​​and autonomy for the individual are guaranteed. “

In education these days, children are given an online account from an American Big Tech company from an early age. This account allows data to be collected, a profile to be collected and this information to be resold. You are easy to ‘categorize’ and receive information from a young and ignorant (especially) that according to the Big Tech companies is relevant to you. The time of discovery is over… the big companies know who you are before you do!

That must and can be done differently! The digital side of education is in bad shape. Digital security and sovereignty are coming under increasing pressure. Privacy must be protected. This does not only apply to children, but also to pupils, students, parents and employees.

That is why the initiators of CFDE/CEDO – Kay Eeftink, Fred Hage, Geert-Jan Meewisse and Reinder Rustma – and various parents, IT professionals, teachers and privacy advocates, have joined forces. A manifesto has been drawn up that calls for improvement on several fronts, available in Dutch and English. From better privacy protection to insight into the processing of data. But also more ethical systems for learning skills instead of specific products.

The Coalition for Fair Digital Education requests an alternative design of digital learning environments, in which public values ​​and autonomy for the individual are guaranteed.

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