Oproep ISOC.org voor nieuwe SIG thema’s

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Vanuit ISOC.org wordt het meedenken over nieuwe Special Interest Group thema’s dit jaar extra aangemoedigd, naar aanleiding van een verandering in het SIG beleid. Alle ISOC leden wereldwijd kunnen nu directer impact hebben op de keuzes voor die thema’s:

The Internet Society’s Action plan for 2021 is all about Empowering People to Create a Bigger Stronger Internet. This can happen in many ways, and we know that there are some topics that you, our members, are interested in working on that are not necessarily covered by projects in our action plan.

The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offer an opportunity to collaborate on these other topics. To ensure that our SIGs are truly inclusive, global, and are better equipped to collaborate, we are introducing a new SIG model. The decision to adapt and evolve our current SIG model stems from several (legal registration and funding) challenges, which limit both the reach and level of impact our SIGs can have. 

Under the new model, any member, anywhere in the world will be able to join a SIG. You can participate in global discussions on topics you’re passionate about, share experiences, learn from one another, and collectively problem-solve for a bigger, stronger Internet for everyone. Developed by a working group of 12 of our existing SIG leaders, three Chapter Advisory Council representatives, and three staff members, this model was chosen by our members, for our members and we are excited to be rolling it out in 2022. 

Visit the FAQs page to learn more about the change. If you have any further questions, you can reach out to sig-support@isoc.org 

Click on the link below to submit your SIG topic idea. Later on, you will have the opportunity to vote on your preferred topics to help determine the five SIGs for 2022. Stay tuned, more on this in August.

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