Top 10 meest gelezen artikelen in 2022

In 2022 waren dit de meest gelezen artikelen op onze website, in volgorde van aantal bezoeken:

1. “Nani Jansen Reventlow about the State of the Internet”

bron: de Waag Re-watch the State of the Internet 2022

2. “New ISOC NL Working Group: Coalition Fair Digital Education (CFDE)”

bron: Freedom Internet

3. “The European Internet Blockade of Russian Propagandist Media”

bron: Spui 25 – TACTICAL MEDIA MEET-UP The European Internet Blockade of Russian Propagandist Media

4. “Platform Geopolitics in 2022: Russian Invasion of Ukraine – an incomplete overview”

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5. “Speech ISOC Chair Ruben Brave at Inauguration Professor Velleman: Digital inclusion and the power of the phenomenon called Disability”

bron: HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN)

6. “Make Media Great Again ( wordt de ISOC Make Media Great Again Working Group”

bron: Stichting Skepsis

7. “Masterclass Netpolitiek: Een Terugblik”

Marleen Stikker vertelt aan de hand van ‘Anatomy of an AI system’ van Kate Crawford. Foto: Sara Spaargaren (BY-NC-SA)

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8. “Cyber ​​Diplomacy – What is it, why is it important and what does it mean for the future of the Internet?”

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9. “Tactical Media Room: Where Tech meets Tactical Media to Support Ukraine and Independent Media in Russia and Belarus”

copyright picture: Geert Lovink (Founder Institute of Network Cultures at the HvA):

10. “Argument-Checking: A Critical Pedagogy Approach to Digital Literacy”

bron: UvA Institute for Advanced Study – Webinar | Information Pollution Defence | ISOC NL MMGA Working Group

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